MVPDs and Channel Groups

Leverage the advanced technologies of digital advertising without cannibalizing existing linear revenue.

Programming and Broadcast Networks

Monetize inventory through data-enhanced, streamlined processes that unlock greater revenue.

Demand Partners

Programmatically access relevant supply seamlessly across any channel TV assets are consumed.

Set-top Box & Media Streaming Platforms

Open the door to new revenue streams with seamless integration to demand side platforms.

TV Technology & Service Providers

Enable powerful advertising technology solutions integrated directly into your platforms.

Video Streaming Services

Offset the high cost of streaming rights by monetizing inventory through new ad supported models.


Why clypd?

We’re at a turning point in TV advertising where marketers are looking to leverage proven advancements in advertising technology on the unbeatable branding vehicle of television. clypd helps marry the television and programmatic worlds to allow cable and satellite operators, television networks and station groups to seamlessly capture new revenue streams.