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How to Use Agile Planning for Career Awesomeness

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At the beginning of 2014, I was thinking about how we might create a meaningful review process. I am not a big fan of only yearly reviews. I don’t know about you, but I have no idea what I was doing a year ago and often, what was important at this time last year is not relevant now. So, how do we make a better process that helps drive career growth?

I already had a one-on-one process established where we have the “how’s it going?” discussion. I always start the conversation with “Are you having fun? Are you learning stuff? Are you building awesomeness?” The response I always get is “yes, yes, yes.” Then I ask, “What did you learn? What part was fun and what was not? What kept you from building awesomeness?” And that’s where the interesting conversations start. For me, learning, fun and building are intertwined.

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Go: One Year Later

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Almost a year ago, we blogged about our reasoning and methodology for choosing Go as our next generation platform here at clypd. A year is a long time, both in software technology and in the lifetime of a startup. Since paper is the traditional gift for a one year anniversary, it seems appropriate to write down our learnings so far.

When we posted “Getting to Go,” we included a list of the selection factors we used to evaluate potential platforms. The list includes

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Preparing for the future: Part II

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In a previous post, Jason introduced some of the infrastructure that we are building out now, in preparation for scaling in the future.

We decided early in the life of the company to drive all of our DevOps from chef. System configuration and deployment should be a software development activity: under source control, repeatable, sane.

The other thing that we wanted to be able to do was to stand up a server farm with one click of a mouse. This would allow anyone to browse on over to the web app (called toolclyp), select what type of farm they wanted, say a sandbox production farm for testing, click, voila! Ooo. Wouldn’t it be really cool if toolclyp also seeded the databases with a (scrubbed) backup of last night’s production database? Ooo. Ooo. How about if it also created the Jenkins jobs, all preconfigured, to point to the apps in Github? Also cool if you could point it at a branch in Github so that when you push a change, it automatically deploys the updated app? Read More

Go Speed Racer Go

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On a brief holiday from my regular activities, I recently spent a few days in Sidetrackistan attempting to answer a simple question: how far can we push bare-metal hardware using the simplest of web services and a standard deployment configuration? I quickly developed an experiment and collected data that exposed some interesting – though somewhat expected – limits of parallelism in some popular web platforms. I also identified a newer platform that seems better poised to exploit multicore to its theoretical limit. Read More

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The clypd process

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One of the challenges of setting up a development process and workflow for a startup is to fit the process to the business needs. Process for process sake is a waste of time and drives everyone crazy. The other thing that drives everyone crazy is chaos. Product hates chaos. Engineers hate chaos. I’m a big fan of “just enough process to keep us from descending into chaos”. Read More