Breville launched its “Juicing Science” campaign across several advertising channels in the month of June with the objective to change perceptions of juicing vs. blending. The innovative brand created unique content across various channels, including a microsite, branded online videos, whitepapers, TV spots, and more.

Target audience

Income: $75K+
Children: Yes
Married: Yes
Age/Gender: A25+
Education: College+


Expand reach in TV to find new audiences for new Juicing Science campaign, bringing awareness to a new set of potential juicer buyers.

Results and Execution

Through the clypd platform, Breville delivered over 9.3 million household impressions across linear TV, including that from MVPDs and National Programmers, reaching their very specific target audience with a $10.74 total CPM while realizing a strong effective CPM against its specifically defined target audience. In combination with various other digital advertising channels including Facebook and YouTube, the brand drove over 33,800 visitors to its microsite. By leveraging programmatic TV media buying though the clypd platform, the brand was able to find identify and deliver their marketing message to harder-to-reach consumers across new day parts and networks programmatically.

I firmly believe that video, via TV or the internet, is the best way to introduce our brand to new consumers. The team at clypd, through their programmatic TV platform, bring the reach and frequency of TV along with the right data to target the most desirable audience and measure their response to optimize our buy to deliver results that maximize our media dollar.

Rob Sheard, Brand Director - Breville USA