clypd Adds an Advertising Innovation to its Patent Portfolio

Today we are celebrating a proud achievement at clypd – we were granted a key patent (9,924,210: COMPUTER SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR TARGETING CONTENT TO USERS VIA MULTIPLE TECHNOLOGY PLATFORMS), which outlines features for targeting advertising and entertainment content to people, whether they are watching on traditional television or on digital devices.

Why is this Important?

People of all ages are transitioning an increasing amount of their video viewership beyond the living room TV. They’re moving to screens on mobile phones, tablets and connected televisions. According to an NBC Universal executive, over 30% of that broadcaster’s primetime programming is fragmenting across those various environments.  With these changes in viewership habits, the ways in which these people are delivered branded advertising will also need to change.

Our national broadcaster customers have been demanding tools to not only protect their advertising businesses from threats stemming from these changes, but to also profit from these shifts. Addressing the use cases arising in this new landscape require enhancements to the tools used to manage advertising and content.  As a data-driven TV advertising sales platform, clypd recognized the needs of the market in 2015 before these smoldering sparks became a forest fire, triggering our invention with this patent.

Patent Overview

The invention described by the patent outlines how data can be used to market advertisements to a particular audiences across traditional TV and digital video. While the last decade has not been been short on advertising conferences and industry rag bylines discussing cross-screen targeting, these have focused on digital devices. The continued blurring between television and digital video increases the need to solve cross-platform targeting.

As consumers enjoy video content, they leave a breadcrumb trail which identifies what is being watched and with some level of specificity, who was watching. Creating a linkage between those varying flavor of crumbs, whether born out of TV viewership or digital consumption is non-trivial and the patent defines the technical elements for making this a reality.

What’s Next?

Products we build on top of these innovations will allow for our media owner partners and advertiser clients to prosper as the advertising landscape experiences these tectonic shifts in media consumption. Watch this space for continued news as we continue to bring industry-changing innovations to the worlds of advertising and media!

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