INVIDI and clypd Form Strategic TV Advertising Alliance

By September 5, 2013 September 6th, 2013 clypd in the News

Partnership Realizes The Vision of True Programmatic TV Ad Campaigns by Fixing Existing Technology Gaps Between Buyers and Sellers

Collaboration Gives Agencies New Access to Addressable TV Inventory and Seamless Execution; Provides Programmers and Distributors New Selling Models, Revenue Opportunities and Value Enhancement of their Inventory.

September 5, 2013, New York and Cambridge, MA — At a time when the TV advertising industry is urgently working towards more powerful, targeted and addressable solutions, INVIDI Technologies Corporation and clypd, a newly-launched TV ad solutions company, have announced a strategic alliance that eliminates existing technology gaps between buyers and sellers of TV advertising. The two companies will offer TV programmers and distributors tools to enhance the value of their content and give marketers new levels of customization and seamless execution of programmatic buying.

The collaboration between INVIDI – the world’s leading TV addressable advertising company — and clypd –whose technology connects media companies and marketers and enables seamless, end-to-end solutions for programmatic, data-driven TV ad campaign planning and fulfillment. – is aimed at giving the TV advertising market the same programmatic buying and targeting capabilities that are now possible in the digital advertising world.

Programmatic TV buying, long the norm in digital advertising, uses technology and data to allow for faster, more precise buying decisions. Under the alliance, INVIDI and clypd are integrating their respective proprietary technologies to allow INVIDI-enabled cable, satellite, telco and broadcast programming partners the ability to work with agencies to develop and execute programmatic advertising campaigns.

As a result, these television content owners and distributors will get access to an entirely new path to market, opening a new revenue stream, while using an advanced series of tools that allow them to control and preserve the value of their inventory. The result of the collaboration will give marketers and their agencies new levels of access to TV inventory and the ability to precisely target and engage audiences with relevant advertising.

“By plugging clypd into INVIDI’s already powerful smart advertising solutions, we’ve rapidly accelerated the ability of agencies and brands to access the addressable inventory from our many partners,” said David Downey, INVIDI’s CEO and President. “With clypd, we eliminate huge barriers and open up incredible new possibilities in the TV marketplace. We can now put the long-promised level of addressable advertising abilities within the grasp of the agency and programming communities.”

“The TV ad universe still speaks a number of conflicting languages. We built the clypd platform exclusively for TV as a powerful translator that will seamlessly connect all parties,” said Joshua Summers, CEO and Founder of clypd. “Working with INVIDI – the most established, proven addressable ad solution — we’re offering all agencies expedited access to premium and long tail television inventory that was previously out of reach, and we’re giving programmers and distributors new ways to define the rules of how their inventory is priced and sold.”

Together, clypd and INVIDI are working with content providers, agencies and digital service providers to educate them about how they can access this new automated TV ad-buying system made possible by the alliance through clypd’s front-end. In addition, clypd and INVIDI are offering programmatic access via an API solution.

About INVIDI Technologies Corporation
INVIDI Technologies Corporation is the world’s leading addressable media solutions company. Our vision and expertise in building smart advertising systems provides unrivaled capability for delivering the right advertising message to the right audience with pinpoint accuracy and creates substantial monetary value for the cable, satellite, telco and advertising industries. INVIDI’s unique approach to addressable advertising delivery, measurement and reporting is supported by an extensive portfolio of patents and other intellectual property. Our innovations in content delivery solutions and intellectual property development in targeted demographic media is the foundation for a wide array of advanced advertising capabilities. Digital technology has revolutionized media and INVIDI is making targeted addressable advertising, more efficient, more effective and more available than ever. Visit for more details.

About clypd
Cambridge, MA based clypd was formed in 2012 by PayPal Media Network veterans to bring similar digital technologies and precision targeting capabilities created for the digital advertising marketplace to the valuable and powerful TV advertising market. clypd’s technology bridges the buy/sell process between broadcast, digital service producers and satellite companies, and media buying agencies and trading systems. clypd’s technology is designed to work with technology platforms that exist in the TV buying marketplace to unlock new revenue streams, allow new inventory access and enable truly programmatic media campaigns while allowing media companies ways to enhance the value of their advertising inventory.

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