Programmatic TV Advertising Now Allows for Direct Deal Management

By August 19, 2014 clypd Blog

There’s no denying that direct deals and offline negotiations of TV advertising won’t go away anytime soon. It has been essential to the upfronts and they are responsible for the lion’s share of TV media sales. In order for programmatic TV to be fully successful, it will have to embrace a long tradition while also looking to the future and embracing new technologies.

Today, we announce that that we’ve implemented Deal ID, which allows for the industry’s first direct deal management in programmatic TV advertising. Deal ID allows for the same business and pricing terms of a media sales relationship to be configured, negotiated and transacted in an automated and targeted manner within advertising sales platforms.

Sales teams are empowered to maintain their long-standing sales relationships while leveraging the power of programmatic sales to build incremental and differentiated offerings to their advertiser partners.


“TV advertising is the longest-standing and most powerful vehicle for delivering marketing messages. The human touch that has defined the media sale should not be marginalized. Deal ID allows for that strategic relationship between buyer and seller to remain strong while introducing operational efficiencies and data-driven enhancements for both parties,” said Jason Burke, VP of Product at clypd. “Programmatic TV advertising must consider the premium nature and the relative scarcity of the media and allow for the human element that has defined TV sales to remain part of the workflow.”

clypd’s deal management provides media sales teams tools to configure terms including pricing, prioritization, budgets and preferential access for high-value audiences across their TV assets. By leveraging a methodology employed across digital media transactions, TV asset owners are able to extend their media relationships with buying groups using digital buying platforms that transact digital media using Deal ID today.

Read the complete announcement here.

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