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April 13, 2017

Ain’t Nobunny like the Cadbury Bunny

The grass outside is turning green and growing, tulips are blooming, which means... 'tis the season to devour some Cadbury eggs. If you've turned on the TV recently, chances are you've seen the classic Cadbury bunny spot. Cadbury Creme Eggs may be one of Britain's most famous imports. In 1824, John Cadbury opened up shop in Birmingham, UK where he sold tea, coffee, cocoa, and drinking chocolate. In 1923, the company released its cream-filled eggs, but the Cadbury Creme Eggs that we know and love weren't released until 1971. The chocolate, creme, and fondant-filled eggs quickly became an Easter must-have (possibly nestled next to some marshmallow Peeps). Its popularity was helped along by the classic clucking bunny TV campaign, which originally debuted in 1982.
March 24, 2016

Throwback Thursdays: Peeping Around the Corner at Easter

On Wednesday, the National Retail Federation announced that consumers will spend a total of $16.4 billion on Easter sales, $2.2 billion on candy alone - which includes all those treats that goes into children’s Easter baskets. And whether you love them or hate them, Easter baskets are incomplete without those iconic colorful marshmallow chicks, Peeps. Approximately 1.5 billion Peeps are consumed during the Easter season. It is also regularly declared as the most popular non-chocolate candy in the Easter basket.