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September 20, 2016

clypd Profiles: 9 Questions with Leona Williams

In this blog series, we interview a member of the clypd team. Find out what drives us, what makes us tick, and what we do outside of the clypd office. In this month’s clypd Profile, we talk to Leona Williams, Executive Assistant. Can you describe your job and an average day working at clypd? My job is filled with variety. An average day starts with me coming into a cold office and letting the building engineer know the temperature should be adjusted. Then I check snack supplies while making myself a bowl of greek yogurt with raw honey, bananas, and granola. I settle in at my desk and check the calendar to refresh my memory on any planned birthday and anniversary celebrations. Then the day takes off and it’s all nonstop; order beer and coffee, plan the next event, troubleshoot the printer, sort out conference room bookings, pet a dog, sign for deliveries, phone screen a candidate for hire, and the list goes on.