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Unlocking the Data Behind Targeted Linear TV

Linear TV remains the primary way of reaching mass audiences effectively. According to Nielsen, in Q1 2017, Americans spent over 11 hours per day interacting with electronic media (including TV, radio and digital). The single largest piece of that was linear TV, accounting for nearly five hours.

So, if you’re a beer brand, why advertise to Men 21-34 when you can advertise to all beer drinkers 21+? Making TV advertising better using data is to everyone’s advantage: advertisers get a better return, media owners use their inventory more efficiently, and viewers get more relevant ads.

The market for targeted linear TV – basically, anything that isn’t a traditionally negotiated age and gender deal, is growing. By 2019, $3.8B of TV spend is projected to be transacted in this way.

In this report, we look at examine how this transformation will occur. We look at:

  • Different data sources – how to evaluate the different vendors in the market
  • Guidelines in how to create advanced target deals
  • The importance of forecasting
  • A real-life case study with an advanced target campaign that ran through the clypd platform.

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